Advantages of Fortune Cookie Advertising in 2016

Jan 3, 2016

As the New Year gets underway, many businesses are looking towards new and non-traditional advertising methods. There are several reasons for this. People have learned to tune out traditional advertising. This is equally true of TV commercials and internet ads. When was the last time you actually paid attention to a pop-up ad? More likely, you quickly clicked on the X to close it. The same is true for banner ads, pay-per-click ads and hyped up sales letters that arrive in your email every day.

Principles such as guerrilla marketing and non-traditional advertising have been around since long before the internet. They rely on capturing people’s attention in new and unexpected ways. This might involve street theater, writing on walls or sidewalks or creating some kind of daredevil stunt. This type of action, however, has unpredictable results and can seldom be used on a regular basis.

Fortune cookie advertising is an innovative option that can be done in a more systematic way. In this way, it’s similar to traditional print or internet ads. However, it has several distinct advantages.

  • Studies show that fortune cookies have a better than 99% open rate. This far exceeds email, direct mail or any other type of conventional advertising.
  • Fortune cookies, by their very nature, bring out the magical, mystical or superstitious (however you want to look at it) beliefs in people. 57% of those surveyed find the messages “symbolic.” This can lead to action. An example would be playing the “lucky numbers” found in fortune cookies. Yet many other advertising possibilities exist as well.
  • Fortune cookies provoke a social response. Because they are often interesting or funny, people often share them with others. This includes people sitting at the dinner table, but it also includes smart phones and social media. Nowadays someone can snap a picture of their fortune and send it across the internet in seconds.

These are some of the reasons that fortune cookie advertising is something that more businesses are likely to try in 2016.

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