How Fortune Cookies Can Sell Gum

Dec 24, 2015

Every type of advertising has certain advantages that can be utilized by businesses. If you’re selling physical products, or anything where appearance is crucial (for example, art, jewelry, fashion or furniture), social media sites like Pinterest are ideal for you. LinkedIn is more suited for business-to-business marketing. What about fortune cookie marketing? As we’ve noted elsewhere on this blog, fortune cookies go hand-in-hand with lucky numbers, so marketing a lottery or contest of any type is a natural way to use this type of marketing. Yet there are other possibilities as well. The chewing gum Orbit once did a fortune cookie campaign with fortunes that read:

He who chews Orbit after every meal, healthy teeth will have.”

What’s clever about this is that the campaign ties in the context of people looking at their fortunes -they’ve just finished eating a meal- and reminds them of the benefits of dental health. The same basic idea could be used to sell mouthwash, breath mints or antacid, though the restaurants probably wouldn’t appreciate the implications of the last one!

The point is that there are many creative ways to tie an advertising campaign to a particular idea, subject or environment. If you’re seeking an effective way to reach a targeted audience, you just have to think of a way that a certain marketing campaign can connect with these people in a way that makes sense to them. This might involve email marketing, Facebook ads, print media…or fortune cookie advertising.

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